Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 hour tour...

So i finally made it to madrid last night around 6 pm (11 am lafayette time) after what proved to be a strenuous and exhausting trip across the pond. i was supposed to fly from nyc to dublin then to madrid, however a 2 hr delay leaving nyc pretty much screwed up the rest of my flights. the good news: i was flying √°er lingus´, an irish airline and was thus traveling with many irishmen. now, the good news about traveling with irishmen is that they share a similar mentality as me when it comes to long layovers in airports, that being spending a solid time at the airport bar close to your gate. so we began drinking around 330 like we were going to board at 530, only to realize that we would not, in fact, be departing until around 8. so what´s a man to do but return to the bar and continue with story-swapping over pints of guiness. i won´t go into details, but i will say that some of the irishmen were singing songs and tackling each other in the tunnel on the way to the plane, it was a good time.

After arriving in dublin i was immediately re-routed to london, which i must say has a pretty confusing and rather large airport, especially if one only has an hour to catch his flight (however i did get to finally experience what it feels like to be one of those assholes sprinting throughout the airport trying to reach his gate). so after a 26 hour trip that took me through 5 airports, 4 flights and 4 countryies i finally arrived in spain, only to realize that my luggage was stuck in london...but i have it now so everything is good. also, i have met many ppl in the program from all over europe so it looks like i will have contacts if i choose to travel not only throughout spain, but europe itself (well, so far only in france and germany).

tomorrow i leave for autol by train and i am really excited and quite curious to see what my home will look like for the next 8 months or so. i´ll keep ya´ll posted about it and hopefully upload some pics and vids for you guys.



  1. i absolutely detest the london airport

  2. You can always find me at the airport bar. Well usually my whole family is at the airport bar lol. Nothing takes the edge off of traveling like a beer.