Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pico and Sangria

Alright, so it seemed as though my friends enjoyed the pico de gallo and sangria I conjured up the other night for my party, so I thought I would go ahead and post the recipes for everyone.

Pico de Gallo:

-chopped tomatoes (I typically use roma tomatoes or tomatoes on the vine, they have less gunk juice in the middle).
-chopped onions (I usually put about 2/3 the amount of onions as I do tomatoes).
-chopped jalapenos (up to you, however spicy you want it to be).
-some people use cilantro, I do not.
-glaze it with equal parts jalapeno juice and olive oil, then half of a lime's worth of lime juice.
-salt, pepper.

Sangria: (this is what I do per bottle of wine, and I use cheap wine)

-the evening before you plan to drink it, pour a bottle of wine into your cooler, pitcher, w/e.
-add 1 orange, sliced.
-add 1 pear, chopped up.
-add 1 apple, chopped up.
-using a dixie cup as a measuring cup, pour 1.5 cups of citrus juice (I would typically use Dole juice, for example 'strawberry, orange, and banana' or something, but any citrus juice would probably work).
-add 1.5 dixie cup's worth of rum.
-let it sit over night, this is because the fruit ferments to produce more alcohol.

-a couple hours before the party, add about 2 dixie cups of club soda.
-add about 2 tablespoons of sugar.

*For an idea as to how much this amounts to and how many people it will satisfy, for my party I made 3 batches.



  1. i want that recipe for the pork tenderloin...

  2. SANGRIA...PORK TENDERLOIN...OH MY! Post updates on Spain...I WANNA SEE

  3. i gave eddie the pork tenderloin recipe