Thursday, October 15, 2009

wine caves and shoes

I Just finished eating dinner. My friends Emley and Alberto (who is Spanish) came in a couple nights ago, which was really nice. We all found it strange that the last time we saw each other was on the opposite end of the globe; and meeting up in a random, small, and seemingly insignificant town made it even more unordinary and special.

I took them out on the town, Autol style, and introduced them to Patricia (my landlords daughter), her family and local friends. Afterwards, I cooked them dinner at my place (pan-fried lamb filets, grilled potatoes and onions with dewitt’s seasoning, and a fresh salad) and we drank local wine before bar-hopping around the town and catching up with each others’ lives. Anyway, they were so grateful that the next day they went shopping and prepared a lunch for us to eat together before they left for Segovia. It was a delicious soup containing potatoes, onions, carrots, beef, red peppers and tomatoes. Alberto gave me his recipe. Anyway, they made enough for it to last, and it is what I just ate for dinner.

This week went well. I actually enjoy teaching the older kids, the class is more engaging and the older kids seem to look up to me, and yet they treat me like a buddy but respect me at the same time. I actually stopped by the local soccer field tonight because there was a practice going on and some of my students saw me and we played soccer, which was fun. I do not have vitamins; I may buy some. However I have been sleeping better, especially thanks to the Spanish national sport-the marvelous and unparalleled siesta.

My cord ought to be in any day now, as soon as I get it pics/vids will be posted…trust me I am as eager as you are.

I think tomorrow I will pass my day-off in a close by city called Arnedo, only about 10 minutes away by bus. It is about twice the size of Autol and is famous throughout Spain for the shoes manufactured there.

By the way, did anybody see the Flaming Lips on Conan? Oh my, I wish I could go to Voodoo.

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