Monday, October 12, 2009


So I decided to not attend the Pilar Festival in Zaragoza this weekend, rather I elected to take it easy in Autol and save some money. Also, I have felt perpetually tired since my arrival in Spain. While it would not seem like someone in my position ought to be tired much, as I am not exactly working a '8-5' job or anything, it's the truth. My body is not tired; my mind is, however. I am forced to always think in, hear, speak and comprehend/translate Spanish, it's as if my brain is constantly doing math problems or something equivalent throughout the day, and I must say that it wears on me.

However, I think not attending the festival was a good move on my part. Instead, on Saturday I decided to walk to some vineyards close to the town. While walking through one, I came across a family picking grapes for winemaking. They were very kind, especially considering the fact that I was just strolling through their boss’ vineyard, and gave me some fresh grapes, which are still chillin’ in my fridge-they are sweeter than normal grapes and very tasty (I have pics, but you’ll have to wait). Also, my landlord, Carlos, introduced me to the manager of Autol’s local winery which produces a wine called “Marqués de Reinosa” (it’s very good) and he was so thrilled to meet an American that he decided to give me a private tour of the place. By the way, the winery is not open to the public except for a few times a year; you are not allowed to take pictures inside the premises (however I sneaked a few, and will display them in due time).

Sunday was relaxing; I was again invited to join Carlos, Fanie and their family for lunch at the bodega. Instead of bbq, which we ate last week, this meal consisted of seafood ranging from fish, mussels, clams, shrimp, fried sardines, eel, veggies and of course, wine. I think I may still be full, to be honest.

Today I did not have to teach; it’s Columbus Day, which in Spain is an excellent excuse to not go to work and thus a national holiday. Tomorrow I start teaching older kids, around 12-15 years old, which ought to be interesting…I must admit I am a bit nervous, kids that age tend to be difficult, but we’ll see. However I am really excited about tomorrow night, my friend from Vigo, Spain (Alberto, the one who gave me my sangria recipe) and his girlfriend Emley, a good friend of mine from LSU, are coming to visit me for the night, so I am sure it will be a good time, showing them my town and going out and everything.


  1. christopher you must drink some schweppes agrum if you can find any in spain. good luck with the older kids especially the girls. if its tough just ask yourself what would niall do in your position. a position of great authority.

  2. Good blog. I hope your mind starts resting easier as time goes by. I miss our conversations about sports (LSU and SAINTS) as well as just talking with you. The Saints 4-0 play the Giants 5-0 in the dome Sunday. We will be there with Bryan and Michelle. Toast your Mom on her 50th Saturday. If you want to send her email over the weekend, send it to my email address and she will get it. Miss you and love you. Take care of yourself.

  3. To make the 12-15 year olds shut up I walked slowly over to their desk and stood right next to them and just stared down at them with this menacing look. Worked like a charm.