Thursday, October 8, 2009


Alright so i am at school right now, enjoying my 2.5 hour lunch break that the teachers get between 12:30 and 3. Yesterday was my first day teaching and i must say, it is a little different than i expected. The school is quite nice, it is only a few years old and resembles some of the better looking schools in America. I have met most of the professors, who have welcomed me with open arms. Some even invited me to joing them this weekend in Zaragoza, a large city a couple hrs from here, for a massive Spanish festival similar to San Fermin, minus the bulls; i think i will join them, should be fun.

I have had a good time with the students thus far, and since i am the only teacher from the program in Autol, it looks like i will be teaching all levels, from 4 yrs old to 15 yrs old which should be interesting. The little kids are pretty easy to handle, teaching them songs, playing games,etc. However as the students get older we begin teaching letters, numbers and eventually grammer and conversational skills. Something i did not expect: a lot of immigrants from Morocco. Many of whom do not speak much spanish and thus no english, so that will certainly be a challenge.

In other news, i have internet in my flat, i am borrowing it wirelessly from my landlords who are not charging me so that was a pleasant surprise. And although the signal comes and goes at times, it was stong enough for me to skype with davey n shelbs, juice, and my family last night (my skype name is chriscrockett0).

I ordered a camera cord, but am not sure how long it takes to get things shipped to my location. However as soon as i get it, i will provide pics and vids.


  1. teach them songs about the american national hero diggs mcdynamite.

  2. chris
    my skype address is
    let's skype one of these days :)
    Laura Martins