Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Even People in Autol are Pulling for the Saints

I have been pretty busy lately. Not so much in the sense of traveling and such; I haven’t really traveled since Christmas with my family. I have, however, been working a lot this month. I now have 10 private lessons per week and I teach Monday-Thursday til 8:30. On top of that, I am teaching a 2-hr class to 14 professors at my school every Tuesday, which takes a lot of planning.

I’m not complaining, I enjoy teaching and the extra cash will be nice when the summer rolls around. Besides, the Saints are going to the Superbowl. How blissfully sweet is that?

When I was younger, every time I bought a Saints jersey that particular player would always end up getting hurt, traded, or come down with Hodgkin’s Disease (Mark Fields). It was so bad that I began to respect the advice given to me by my friends and family and stopped buying jerseys. I’m not kidding. Well, had I known that all I needed to do was leave the continent of North America in order for the Saints to have unprecedented success, I would not have waited 22 years to do so. For this, I apologize. I was actually able to watch most of the game, save the 3rd quarter when my internet cut out. At least I got to chat with Rob, Eddie, Louise, Niall and David at halftime. That was pretty surreal and awesome.

Anyway, I cannot stand to be stagnating for too long, so I have several journeysplanned for February. Next week, on the 3rd of the month, is a festival in Autol and we have a couple days off school. This little town will even have an encierro (bull run-but with big cows with horns, bulls are only at San Fermin). The following weekend I have loose plans to meet a friend of mine, Patricia, who I met in Grenada, and my friend David in Toledo. On the 19th I plan on going skiing in a town called Formigal, which is in the Pyrenees near to France with my friends Tom, Kelly and Martyna who are from England, Canada and Poland, respectively.

If anyone (skip) knows any good international streaming websites where I could catch the Superbowl, that would be great if you could send them my way…

Download:Beach House:Teen Dream

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